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We specialize in everything garage doors and garage style. Commercial, residential, Roll up, sectional, gates, swinging and sliding doors. All opener brands. Lifestyle and Mystic Screens, Titan vehicle lifts, ceiling organization systems, wall organization systems, bike and kayak lifts, and cabinetry. We install, service and stand by all work we perform with a guarantee for 18 months and honor any manufactures warranty on products we install. We Love what we do, and your garage is our passion!


Nelson M.
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Mr. Frank showed up exactly on time and the work was professionally done and at a fair price. I know enough about the work being done to state that Mr. Frank was exceptionally professional and thorough. The work was done well beyond my expectation. He not only repaired a door that another company had tried to repair and failed, but he went out of his way to insure that the repair was up to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Rocket City Garage Service to anyone who wants prompt and professional repairs at a reasonable price.

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Garage door services

We seek out the pings, pops, squeaks and screeches, misalignments and missing parts. Our victory resides in the absolute best operation of your door or doors. Our basic service is included in all garage door calls. Our basic service is an extensive multi point inspection. We tighten, tune, and lube your door/doors to make sure your door/doors are in their best operating condition. Call us at 256-715-4316 today to schedule an appointment

Purchasing a new door

When you buy a door from us and have us do the install, we will give you a complementary follow up service at 6 months. We put a lot of love in our work and we want you to have the best operation possible. We will come back out and check every fastener point, every bearing and roller, track alignment, and balance of the door. We go over the entire job again to be sure it is up to our standards. All free of charge! We understand new things can have issues, nothing is perfect in our world. We want it to be as close as humanly possible!

This attitude to our work is why we coined the phrase,”it may not be rocket science, but we treat it like it is”. And we mean it!  

Free estimates

We provide you with a no pressure free estimate on your repairs or replacements. Please check our DIY troubleshooting pages for easy diagnosis’s that we see daily. This may give you a better sense of what your symptoms could be. If it isn’t covered there please give us a call. We speak your language.

24/7 Service

We provide you service at the same cost any day any time! We understand that freak out moment right before you have something big happening in life and boom! something fails and leaves you worried or worse, stranded. We want you to know we have been there and we will be there for you. We believe that your concerns and level of importance is not to be taken advantage of, not to be down-played or written off you are important to us.

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  1. Rocket City Garage Service offers outstanding customer service, quality workmanship & incredible value. Abbott is honest, dependable, knowledgeable & experienced. I highly recommend your calling them first for any garage door needs you may have….you will be pleasantly surprised!

    1. Thank you Gail. We appreciate your feedback.

  2. I am Abbott’s father in law and very proud to say it. You will not find a more honest knowledgeable and dependable person. I can say this with great pride because he worked on my door with better then excellent results.You can trust him to analyze your problem and give you an honest and complete rundown of what only needs repaired. He warranties his work which in our day is hard to find. He is more than reasonable with his pricing and will do the job to your satisfaction.
    I live in Wyoming and at the time Abbott lived in Idaho. On Christmas eve Abbott and family came for Christmas.When he arrived he told me he had a job to do and would be back later. I asked Abbott if I could come, he said sure I might need your help.When we arrived at the job site, the door was hanging down and set to one side. To me it looked like a car ran into it. Abbott met with the client and assessed what needed to be done.
    The door needed to be totally reinforced before other repairs could be done.
    We worked on this door for about three hours and got it to work perfectly. Abbott met with the client again and showed him what was repaired and asked if approved of his work.
    The client was very pleased and ask what he owed, now remember this was on Christmas eve.
    Abbott gave him a price of $250.00 dollars. The client stated that he thought the price was more then fair and stated he was expecting to pay $600.00 or more.
    Do yourselves a favor folks and select Rocket City Garage for your garage door repairs.
    They are state licensed, insured and bonded.
    You will not be disappointed.

    Joel Robertson

    1. Thank you Dad! That was a great day to get spend time with you and let you see what I do. And I really needed your help. That section of glass was scary with 2 people and no room to move.

  3. Abbott fixed the torsion springs on my door. He did an excellent job for half the price others wanted. He was on time and did exactly what he said he would. I would recommend him for your garage door repairs.

    1. Thank you Richard for helping us get our feet off the ground here in the area. It was a pleasure to work for you.

  4. Talk about outstanding service- they have it at Rocket City Garage service! Our garage door had problems on January 2nd, a day that most businesses were closed. I own, Dixie Wreaths By Marypat and my garage is my shop and workplace where I make unique one-of-a-kind handmade wreaths so there was no way I could keep my garage door open to go anywhere or be home with the door open without being in my workshop. Abbott and his co-worker came out. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and hard workers! They not only fixed the cable on the door but also took the time to lubricate and tighten everything on the double door and my other garage door on the home. Their personal service and diligence far exceeds the norm!! And, always important to the consumer, their prices were reasonable and they did not try to sell me a bunch of other needless products. If you want reliable talent, excellent customer service, and friendly service people – Rocket City should be your top choice! Thanks, Rocket City!

  5. I highly recommend Rocket City Garage Service. My father had a problem with his shop door, called me to fix it, and after an hour I decided it was not in my realm of knowledge. I live in Tuscaloosa, Dad lives in New Hope and I had to get back to Tuscaloosa. I called Abbott and he was not only able to come out to check out, but fixed it AND checked and lubricanted the other doors. His price was very fair. I appreciated his follow up call to me after he was finished as well. We were very pleased with the Timeliness, service, and price. Good job Rocket City Garage Services!!
    Greg Smith

  6. Wow! Where do i start?!!! Great same day service! When they showed up I could not even OPEN my 2 Car Garage Door! When they left, it worked BETTER than before! They are HIGHLY knowledgeable in Garage Doors! Very likeable guys! My wife and myself are REALLY impressed with how quickly they repaired it! If you have ANY Garage Door issues, PLEASE give Abbott and the guys a call! You will be glad you did!
    Gus & Aimee Hall
    Hazel Green Al.

    1. Thanks Gus, We enjoyed meeting you and helping out. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call me.

  7. Affordable+Beneficial+Courteous+Dependable = the ABC’s of great customer experience!
    Rocket City Garage Service blew away my expectation of customer first service.

    Rocket City Garage Service is both prompt and professional.

    ***** A++, simply the best.

    1. Thank you Larry, it was an amazing opportunity to work with you. One thing we love the most about our work is our clients. We have been blessed with the best clients all in all. You are at the top. Thank you for your business and insights, we look forward to seeing you for the chocolates we ordered!

  8. Advanced Screenworks. I would like a quote on installing a lifestyle screen on our garage. You have serviced our garage door in the past and we would very pleased with your work. Fair prices and professional services.

    1. Thank you Mrs.Southerland! Yes, we would be happy to get you a quote on a Lifestyle Screen.
      Feel free to call us at 256-715-4316. We look forward to speaking with you!

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