Cheap Garage Doors

Cheap Overhead Garage doors

What you get for your money?


First thing we want to express is that we are providing this information only for the purposes of keeping you safe and informed. The intent is not to make a sale! There are other companies out there who manufacture good doors, there are many good installers who care about what they do. What we have found over our 7 years in this career really only applies to a small few. They just happen to be the doors and installers most chosen by contractors looking for the lowest bidder ( your major commercial companies) and the typical consumer looking for a quick fix from either Home Depot, Lowes, or the local lumber yard.

Most cheap Overhead doors do not list the gauge of steel. If they do list it, buyer beware, they are generally talking about the end stiles only. If you are told you are buying a 25 gauge door from these guys, take a closer look. the end stiles and metal intermediate backers (not full stiles) will be your 25 gauge but the rest of the door will be around 28-30. The main company out there uses plastic and pop riveted hinge points on their doors, they don’t reinforce anything, and they use polyurethane insulation which gives a false R rating. ( link to third party reviews on polystyrene vs polyurethane)  The sections flop around like paper in the wind when you are installing them. THEY ARE JUNK! and a waste of your money.

The end stiles

Here is the only heavier gauge steel on the door, but pay attention to the detail.

This door is completely non- serviceable as it stands. if the rivets come out, which they do, you have to drill into nothing and set screws into thin empty panel, which is pointless because they will rip out to. the only real way to repair this door is to replace panels which costs hundreds of dollars and because of solar rays and weather, will not match the existing panels.


The hinges

These companies, unless you pay for upgrades, come standard with 16-18 gauge half roller keeps that slide into a cut out on the end stile and then the actual hinges is half aluminum and half plastic that is non serviceable.


Unless you pay more this is the standard roller with these companies. These fail often. Good door companies come standard with ball bearing rollers.

Commercial inadequacies

The installers for these companies are no different than the doors they install.

Go with your hometown local guy who has a few mouths to feed and cares about his companies reputation and name.

Over time you pay twice as much as you would from buying quality to begin with, just in repairs!