Commercial Garage door

When it comes to service, Rocket City Garage is there to help.

First and foremost we stand by our work and treat you with respect. Once we come and begin our service, we want you to know that if we touch it we guarantee it within reason. All commercial garage door service calls come with a multi point inspection. We lube every friction point of your door/doors we tighten every fastener including back hangs and operators. We check every fastener the holds your door to the building front and back. If needed we re-drill and reset the door. We check for stripped out fasteners and if found we re-drill and refasten. Missing bolts, nuts or lag bolts are replaced. We check the balance of your door by hand so we can insure the safety of your door. We service the track system to ensure you have the best travel in the door and still have a reasonable seal to the wall. We check the operator. We lube all friction points associated with your operator, we make sure that all settings on your operator are allowing you the best possible door travel your operator can provide. Commercial garage door openers are checked for worn components, loose gears, chain hoist assembly operation and the drive belt assembly and ensure it is properly set and lubed. We can reprogram your remotes, or vehicles if compatible.  Excepting your operator electronics and your springs, we warranty our work for 18 months. Should anything seem a-miss we will come back free of charge and help you out. All of this is included in our basic service call. We service any type of commercial garage door.


Commercial garage doors (roll up)

We will service and install all makes and models of commercial roll up doors. Whether it be a storage facility, parking garage or loading dock, Rocket City Garage has the expertise to help you with your application.

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Commercial Sectional doors

We service, sell, and install sectional doors for use in commercial applications. Many commercial applications come with tight fits and obstacles to install around. There are many peripherals, such as infrared sensors and remote operation elsewhere on the property. Timers and pressure sensors to protect the door and add security.  Rocket City Garage can help you cover any questions and concerns. We embrace your needs with the utmost importance. We want to leave you knowing you are covered and safe.

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