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3″ Energy Saver

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3″ Energy Saver with black powder coating and the rear hung spring assemblies in this low clearance application add to the contemporary design and utility. Midland Doors.


Midland’s best quality constructed 3″ Energy Saver commercial overhead door is the industry leader for strength and energy efficiency.  Our 3″ Energy Saver overhead door has an R-Value of 17.05 and is by far, the strongest commercial overhead door in the industry.  Our 3″ Energy Saver combines the good looks, outstanding durability, and exceptional heavy-duty strength, that will last for years to come.  Midland’s 3″ Energy Saver overhead door is the longest lasting commercial overhead door in the industry.

When you choose a Midland commercial overhead door you can be confident that you have chosen the best overhead door that money can buy!

  • 25 gauge rugged exterior and interior steel (optional 20 gauge exterior steel available).
  • High density closed cell polystyrene core resulting in an exceptional R-Value of 17.05 and is moisture resistant.
  • Embossed pebble-grained texture.
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel track and hardware.
  • Available with many window size options.
  • Available in White, Almond, Sandtone, and Tera-Bronze.
  • Available in F/CR Brown, F/CR Hunter Green, F/CR Beige, and our new F/CR Coffee (Fade and Chalk resistant).
  • Available in widths up to 40’2″ wide.
  • For larger openings than 40’2″ wide please see our Swing-Up Center Post System video.


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  • Midland’s 3″ Energy Saver will never lose its 17.05 R-Value!
  • Midland’s 3″ Energy Saver will never take on moisture!
  • Midland’s 3″ Energy Saver is so strong that Joe’s truck can drive on it!


durable Midland garage door holds weight of truck


  • Work Included
    The doors will be Model 3″ Energy Saver as manufactured by Midland Garage Door Mfg. Co.
  • Other Work
    Related structure work, opening preparation, field painting and electrical work etc. falls into the responsibility of other trades.
    • Sections
      Sections will be roll-formed, hot dipped, galvanized 25 ga. pebble textured exterior and interior (optional 20 ga. exterior available).  Sections will be pressure bonded to a closed cell polystyrene core and will have a thickness of 3″. Sections will incorporate a PVC thermal break to prevent heat or cold conductivity.
    • Insulation
      Insulation will be rigid 3″ closed cell extruded polystyrene free of CFCs and HCFCs and will be laminated to provide strength and prevent loss of thermal efficiency over time.  The insulation will have a calculated R-Value of 17.05 and U-Value of .06 based on certified test data.
    • Air Infiltration Midland garage door supports weight of 4 men
      All doors will be constructed with a PVC strip and bulb seal between sections to resist air infiltration
    • Wind load
      Doors will be designed to meet or exceed industry standards for wind loads (ANSI/ NAGDM 102-1988). Deflection of door in the horizontal position will not exceed 1/120 of the door width.  Please consult factory for unusual requirements.
    • End Stiles
      End stiles will be 16 gauge steel and incorporate a thermal break to help prevent heat/cold conductivity between the inside and exterior steel
    • Hardware
      Hinges and fixtures will be galvanized steel. Full floating ball bearing rollers will have hardened steel races. Roller sizes will be adequate for design requirements and limitations.
    • Track
      Track is 2″ or 3″ depending upon door size and requirements and angle mounted.
    • Spring CouMidland door strength as employee jumps on doornterbalance
      Counter balance shall be oil tempered, helical wound torsion springs mounted on a ball bearing cross header shaft engineered for industrial application that comply with properties specified by ANSI/NAGDM 1021988. Galvanized aircraft type lifting cables with minimum safety factor of 8 to I and cast aluminum drums are standard.
    • Lock
      Lock will be interior mounted slide lock.  Optional commercial keyed lock is available.
    • Weather-Strip
      PVC Weather-strip between sections meeting rubber tube seals fitted inside every joint. Bottom weather-strip will be U’d shape astragal fastened to the bottom of the door with an extruded aluminum holder for an effective seal at the sill.
    • Finish
      Finish will be baked-on polyester over epoxy primer in White interior and 8 exterior color options, (20 GA exterior white only)
    • Operation Midland garage doors, the most durable doors on the market
      Operation will be by manual pull rope. Optional chain hoist and electric operator are available.
    • Installation
      Doors should be installed in compliance with Midland Garage Door Mfg. Co. instructions by authorized Midland Garage Door installation professionals.
      • Thermal Glazing
      • High Cycle Springs
      • Jamb Weather-strip
      • Electric Operator
      • Chain Hoist
      • Bottom Sensing Edge
      • Rubber Header Seal
      • Full Vision Aluminum Sections
      • Carwash Modification

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