Community outreach and sustainability


Our focus is on our community and helping others.

The gift is in the giving! Wealth is defined by what we give away and leave behind. We give a portion of our proceeds to those in need and hope that the actions become contagious. When we come out to work with you we will show on your invoice the amount of money we will set aside on your behalf. We will then list that value on this page and with your permission, direct that contribution to your name or business. When time arises we want to use that money to donate a new door, operator and labor to a Habitat home. Help the local youth and support our civil services. Thank you for your help! All proceeds from this are in a separate account. If requested, we can provide statements for this account.


4/15 Rocket City Garage Service donated $250.00 to help a child have a uniform and needs met for the Boaz youth football team.

6/15 major service and lift installation  $25 from R. Brown Hazel Green

6/23 4 post lift and garage overhaul $50 (pending) C. Worshim Owens Crossroads.

6/25 $5 basic service, garage tune up for home sale G. Butler Huntsville.

Year to date $330!!!!