Custom Garage Doors

You want Custom? We can do it!!

Many door manufactures have their own overlays that will give you an awesome custom look to your home. But we would guess that if you are looking to us for ideas, you are not all that inspired by something anyone could buy. You are looking for your own style, your own personality shown through all aspects of your home, including the doors on your garage. We understand and put a lot of  heart and soul into our builds. We use a nail and glue process on a 2in-3in thick steel insulated door. We don’t want our trimmings to separate from the surface and we want you to be as proud as us in the end result. These projects take time to get right. As a rule of thumb once the door is delivered to us, we like to give it a 2 week build time per custom door, give or take a few days. We will never just slap it together and smile as we walk away. These are our pride and joy to do. We want perfection as much as humanly possible.




wooden overlay
Custom wood overlay on steel door.



Wooden doors
Contractors staining as we are finishing up. we prefer to do this before the doors are installed. that wasn’t an option on this job.

Copper doors

Manufactured by Martin garage doors

Martin copper doors
Copper Martin Doors.
getting better with age.