Garage door contractor

We are a garage door contractor serving Huntsville and surrounding communities.

We are changing the face of the industry. We guarantee our work, we don’t just walk in and service the problem you called about. We look at all the components of all of your doors and make sure you aren’t going to be calling anyone about your doors anytime soon! Who does that? Rocket City Garage Service does that! We want you to be in the best working order and 100% safe when it comes to your garage. We have seen the work of our competition, and many times we are very upset at what we see. We want you to have the best because you spent your hard-earned money to have it. Seeing a job that was haphazardly done is not okay in our world. Our passion is the near perfect door. Anything less and we lose sleep, no joke! We stand to change the face of the industry by being honest, repairing, not replacing everywhere we can, checking all doors not just the problematic one, never being pushy when it comes to estimates, giving you options to fit your budget, and being available at any hour of the day, any day of the week when an emergency arises. We go even further in that if you buy a door from us, we give you a complementary follow up service at 6 months. We put a lot of love in our work and want you to have the best operation possible. We will come back out and check every fastener point, every bearing and roller, track alignment, and balance of the door. We go over the entire job again to be sure it is up to our standards. All free of charge! we understand new things can have issues, nothing is perfect in our world, but Rocket City Garage Service wants to get it as close as humanly possible! This attitude to our work is why we coined the phrase,”it may not be rocket science, but we treat it like it is”. And we mean it!

Whether you are looking to replace, repair, or start a new project, we are your garage door contractor.

We specialize in commercial roll up doors, commercial sectional doors, commercial jack-shaft operators, Chain hoist, and trolley systems. Residential sectional doors, sliding doors, and gate entry systems as well as jack-shaft, chain and belt drive operators and manual systems, locks and emergency keyed entries.We will service/install any manufactures operators and doors!

Our new door products are proprietary to us. We primarily sell Midland garage doors and Liftmaster/Chamberlain operators. You will not find another Midland dealer/installer anywhere in the south. We are working with this company to bring the best from the west out east. There isn’t a door manufacturer on the market that comes anywhere close to the quality of Midland garage doors! We challenge you to find one…. They don’t exist!!! Check out our new door pages to see the proof.