Broken Torsion Spring

Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs?

When you call us at Rocket City Garage Service, and tell us that your door wont go up, we will ask you to go out to your garage and look up for the garage door springs. We will want to know a few things. One is if you see a gap in the spring/springs. If you do then we will need to know if you have a single or double width door, and what material the door is made of. We can make sure that we have your springs on the truck when we come out for your service. We highly recommend that, if there are multiple springs on your door that you replace all springs on that door at the same time, not just the broken garage door spring. The reason for this is your springs were installed at the same time, and have been used equally as much.  Springs have a life expectancy. Most garage door springs are rated for 15000 cycles of use. So common sense says if you have one broken spring out of 2+ springs-then it wont be long before the others break as well. Also by replacing all springs at the same time, you avoid a separate service charge. So really, its a no-brainer. It costs less to just do it right the first time. Let us clarify that if you have multiple doors we are not suggesting that you replace those springs, just the one or more on the door in question.  We can provide you with higher life cycle springs if requested. You will get many years out of our main line replacement springs, so unless you are using your door in a commercial application, we wouldn’t suggest that you pay more. All spring replacements come with our multi point service for up to 4 doors at no extra charge. We look forward to working with you.

Broken Torsion Spring

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We may come across spring sizes that we don’t typically carry. It can take a few days to get them from our supplier. In this case we have a clamp that will allow safe usage of your door until we get the proper springs in.