Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping is important.

Having the proper garage door weather stripping applied to both the perimeter and bottom of your garage door can provide you with many valuable benefits.

Gapped perimeter seal
Gaps anywhere on the perimeter can lead to many different complications
Broken weather seal
This not only looks bad it can allow pests in
Seal coming off trim boards
Seal separating from the trim allows pest in, the ones that walk or crawl in. We always re-fasten this in our service call.


The biggest benefit is pest control. We live in a very pest friendly environment. No, weather seals wont stop them all, but while the door is closed you need to have the confidence that they cant penetrate through the sides and bottom of your door. Wind and rain can also reap havoc on your door and the inside of your garage. The proper seals will give you confidence that the weather stays where it should. Outside and away from your belongings. Our application of weather seal takes into consideration the variations of a settled concrete pad, wood trim pieces that may have shifted over time etc. We use a premium aluminum bottom channel that holds what we would equate to a knobby tire for your door. It form fits to the floor allowing the discrepancies of the floor to fade away. It will keep the critters from getting in underneath. It creates a great seal that keeps most typical weather from flowing under your door.

Aluminum bottom seal retainer
This channel not only serves to hold the rubber seal, it adds rigidity to the bottom section of your door.
Bottom seal retainer with rubber installed
To show the “knobby” tire effect. This seal provides the best seal for the bottom of your door.
Garage door bottom seal
Bottom seal showing the consistency in length


garage door weather stripping
Brown weather seal

Garage door perimeter weather seal

We provide many choices and colors to fit your home and door style. Whether you are looking for a nice flexible rubber flap style seal or a brush seal with an aluminum trim, we want to help. Perimeter seal is great for wind, rain, and pests. Our seal applications will greatly reduce if not eliminate all blow through you may experience. We set our product to the door and, if needed, reattach any elements of your door trim that could possibly hinder the design of our seal. We are extremely meticulous about the fit of our products and we make sure that any corners are tight and seal as designed. By the seal being measured and applied correctly, you can rest in confidence that your door has the best chance of keeping unwanted weather and pests out.

garage door weather stripping
Brown weather seal

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