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We carry and install the most extensive line of products to help you accomplish the best utilization of every inch of your garage. We span a wide price range and can fit your budget with ease.  Our Industrial grade units are far superior than any off the shelf products you can purchase from our local box stores, and we stand by the work we do! We have done our research and have paired up with The Garage Organization Company of Phoenix Arizona to bring you the best product line you will find anywhere! With The Garage Organization Company you can design your garage from the floor up. Rocket City Garage Service will schedule with you and come out to install your design dreams. We will be there in the event you have any questions and needs. We will work with you on all of your design questions and help you to make your dreams come to fruition. Rocket City Garage Service invites you to peruse our website and look at all we have to offer. You wont find a more thorough one stop garage service in the country! We refuse to carry any products that are inferior to our expectations. We take breakage and failure of our product lines personally, therefore we sell and install the best. Please check out our overhead ceiling storage, motorized ceiling storage, industrial garage shelves, overhead lift systems, wall organization, adventure storage, rapid track systems, cabinetry, and accessories.


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 The relief of an organized life is priceless!

The Ultimate Man Cave can only be brought to you by Rocket City Garage Service. Call us today!