Garage Service Pricing Schedule


Basic Fees

  • Basic service call, includes up to an hour of service and up to 4 doors on site. Service fee includes replacement of any stripped fasteners, tightening all fasteners. Lubrication of all friction points, (hinges, springs, bearings, rollers, operator rail, pulleys, gears, and emergency release) adjustment of operator. Thorough inspection of the operation of the door. Attention to balance by hand and cable tension if needed spring adjustment. A jumped cable, crooked door, track alignment and any back hang issues will be in this basic call category but may take more time. This service is available for a minimum charge for $70.00. Residential 1.25hr Commercial @ $100.00 1.25hr (2 doors included)
  • Additional service time is charged by the quarter hour at $20.00 residential and $25 commercial 
  • Hinge replacement  $5-7.00 14 or 11 gauge steel depending on the application
  • Roller replacement  $5-7.00 high quality nylon ball bearing rollers
  • Cable replacement, cables are replaced in pairs and built specifically for the door at @$2.00 per foot. 8 to 1 safety rating minimum
  • Spring replacements are $65 and up depending on the size of the spring and door. If there are 2 springs we strongly encourage you to replace both at the same time, (like brakes on a car). 15000 cycle minimum
  • Perimeter seals vinyl @$2.00 per foot and brush seal with aluminum retainer @$7.00 per foot
  • Bottom seal, aluminum retainer with durable rubber gasket @$7.00 per foot.
  • Bottom seal for wooden doors @$3.00 per foot with service call
  • Gear assembly change for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman operators  $75.00
  • New remote, delivered and programming $35.00
  • Vehicle programming included with a service call. Note that not all vehicles will link up. Your operator may require a repeater to work. The repeater required can cost $50+
  • Battery replacement and remote programming for an existing remote or remotes is based on battery type this usually costs $5.00
  • Keyless entry system $45.00 programmed and mounted
  • Upgrading your existing garage opener to MyQ technology, allowing you to control your opener anywhere in the world, $50-$180 depending on operator type.
  • New opener (base model) chain drive with 2 remotes, MyQ wall station, and solid rail assembly and top section prep if needed.  14 gauge angle iron mounting. Starting at $359.99.
  • Call for quotes on new door replacement or installations. Free 6 month follow up service included with new door purchase and our 18 month installation warranty.
  • Install a door you purchased starting at $200 for an 8×7 and up depending on size and situations on build. Free 6 month follow up service and our 18 month installation warranty.
  • Install your over the counter operator, $125.00 includes a full service call on your door/doors and professional mounting hardware, installation warranty 18 months.
  • Note; all prices quoted are by product and do not include our service call charge. We will make exceptions on our charge when its applicable or unnecessary. Many services have a discounted service charge.As always we offer free quotes. And zero up-charge for emergency service within reason exceptions are holidays.