Photos of Rundum Meir Door

These photos are a journal of this phenomenal project for one of Apples Chief design engineers. This door was built by Rundum Meir in Germany, shipped overseas and installed by The Garage Doorman of Jackson Hole. Abbott Frank, the owner operator of Rocket City Garage, helped The Garage doorman to install this unique door. Abbott worked countless hours to make this project come to life. He had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, as this door is the only one in the pacific northwest. The operator was completely reverse engineered by Abbott and made to run in its unique position with every function of its programming and security. The door had no instructions. The operators instructions were in German. This is a true testament to why Rocket City Garage Service is changing the garage door industry. One clients smile at a time. Rocket City Garage service thrives on challenge. We live for the impossible made possible.

Rundum Meir sliding door
Sliding garage door, imported from Germany, Rundum Meir “around the corner” 2in thick Larch wood.
Rundum Meir
View of inside Rundum Meir
Rundum Meir track embedded in river rock floor
Rundum Meir bottom track embedded in river rock floor
Rundum Meir top roller brackets
This shows the top track and roller hang assembly for each section of the Rundum Meir door

Video of the door fully automated.

Photo of Rundum Meir section
Assembly of Rundum Meir section
Rundum Meir install
Install of a few sections to test corner radius
Rundum Meir Install
Abbott of Rocket City Garage, after install of door. Door isn’t automated at this point. Bottom track exposed waiting for finished pebble floor.

Photos of newly installed sectional doors.

All photos are of jobs that Abbott Frank, of Rocket City Garage, has preformed while working for The Garage Doorman. Abbott is extremely meticulous about his work. We think you will see that passion brought out by these photos.

Wooden door with overlay
Wooden door with overlay before staining
Wooden doors
Contractors staining as we are finishing up. we prefer to do this before the doors are installed. that wasn’t an option on this job.
inside wooden door swenson
View of the inside
custom wood overlay
simple barn look sectional
custom overlay affixed to steel insulated door
Martin copper doors
Copper Martin Doors.
Are you getting better with age? so can a garage door
wooden overlay
Custom wood overlay on steel door.
Custom wood overlay
Beautiful, we can make this a reality for your home or business.
commercial application in residential setting
Inside door above showing the commercial spring assembly and 3in struts on each section. This added touch gives extra support and added life to the door.
operator support
Same door showing the support we added to the operator. this gives the operator a rigid rail adding life to the operator and reducing wear and tear.
steel door trio
Beautiful steel insulated doors with a faux wood finish.
steel door trio back
Showing the inside. Steel backed with a nice durable white finish.
New updated doors give your property a fresh bold look. We took out the old and installed all new.
new remodel
From the inside. New track, and operators. And Rolo, Rocket City Garage’s road dog.
Commercial Rolling Door
Remodel for Four Seasons resort in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Commercial rolling door.
Comercial rolling door inside
Inside photo of rolling door
rolling door removal
Down and out with the old.
Yes we do recycle.
in with the new rolling door
Getting the new door in place
2 fork lifts and a rolling door
Getting it up in place to set the drum and curtain.
commercial install
Curtain attachment to drum.


Commercial rolling door
The incredible task of getting it right the first time.
Photo of outside commercial install
Commercial parking garage at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. New install, replacement of door hit by lodge guest.
steel back insulated
inside of door showing the steel backed insulated door
alternative operator mounting
Sommer commercial operator mounted atop right-side track. done for clearance purposes
extra low clearence
We had to modify the track for the low-headroom situation in this job. Rocket City always gets it done!
Remodel on older home.
Increasing value and setting the bar for the neighbors.
Industrial full view door
This is a full view door, this gives the homeowner a great view of his wooded lot while keeping the weather out. Beautiful industrial look. Watch the kids play while your wrench away in your garage.
photos of powder coated doors
Black powder coating and the rear hung spring assemblies in this low clearance application add to the contemporary design and utility.
photo of spring assembly
Another view of this awesome job. Showing our care to detail.That’s very important to us.
photos of detail and care
Showing more of the attention to detail by showing the layout of our hangs and springs. We can’t sleep until it is right.
powder coated low clearance
Super low clearance. We can make it work!!
White powder coated hinges and doors.
super low clearance
In this job a fraction of an inch was too much. We stand determined to get it right.
full view glass door
Outside looking in on the full view door.

Photos of repairs made.

All the following photos we have taken in the field for the purpose of building this website. Rocket City Garage holds ourselves to a very high standard. We refuse to walk away from a job that is not completed. We love what we do and the clients we do it for. We want your door to be in the best condition possible no matter how we find it. Whether your significant other hit it or maybe even you, we have an answer and a band aid big enough for 98% of the conditions we see. We hope you enjoy these photos and understand that Rocket City Garage door is your go to when things get funky!

repair photos
Bent vertical track. Better the track than the door..
photos of repairs
Track repaired and manipulated back to its correct form. Service call stuff nothing more.
garage door falling from opening
This door went too long without service. We are able to repair with confidence. not replace.
garage door gets scary
Same door from front.
repaired garage door
Same door from above reset and made safe and usable again.
garage door repair
from the inside of above door after reset.
Wayne Dalton
These Wayne Dalton Spring assemblies give many years of service. but when they break you have to replace the whole assembly not just a spring or two. We can help you.
spring conversion
We can add new drums and an external, repairable torsion spring assembly to your door adding more life and serviceability.
poor installs
Most companies settle for 2 little lag bolts in the spring bearing plate. This over time will fail causing damage and possibly injuries. Scary! Even to us.
We pre-drill and add 5, 4in lag bolts making sure this cant happen.