Residential garage doors

When it comes to garage door repair, Rocket City Garage is there to help.

First and foremost we stand by our work and treat you with respect. Once we come and begin the repairs, we want you to know that if we touch it we warranty it within reason. All standard service calls come with a multi point inspection. We lube every friction point of your door/doors we tighten every fastener including back hangs and operators. We check every fastener the holds your door to the building front and back. If needed we re-drill and reset the door. We check for stripped out fasteners and if found we re-drill and refasten. Missing bolts, nuts or lag bolts are replaced. We check the balance of your door by hand so we can insure the safety of your door. We service the track system to ensure you have the best travel in the door and still have a reasonable seal to the wall. We check the operator. We lube all friction points associated with your operator, we make sure that all settings on your operator are allowing you the best possible door travel your operator can provide, no matter what the brand name.  We service the chain or belt assembly and ensure it is properly tightened and lubed. We can reprogram your remotes, or vehicles if compatible.  Excepting your operator electronics and your springs, we warranty our work for 18 months. Should anything seem a-miss we will come back free of charge and help you out. All of this is included in our basic service call and the same price applies for up to 4 doors on site.

These are some of the garage door repairs we consider falling under a basic service call for residential garage doors.

Rusty and loose fixtures.

We try to save you money by removing any rust on your fixtures and treating them with a rust inhibiting paint. This is not always an option but we try to fix rather than replace every chance we get.




poor installs
Most companies settle for 2 little lag bolts in the spring bearing plate. This over time will fail causing damage and possibly injuries. Scary! Even to us.
loose hinge on garage door
Hinges coming loose
dry hinges
The black dust on the strut is graphite from the dry hinge causing squeaking and screeching.
roller coming out
rollers coming out from being in disrepair and a lack


door stile
The door stile coming apart.
poor install
ALL DOORS THAT ARE AUTOMATED MUST HAVE A SUPPORT STRUT ON THE TOP SECTION!!!!! EVERY MANUFACTURER STATES THIS FACT A few more cycles and this door was going to come down on the clients vehicle or worse, someone.. This is a lazy installer.
fixed door
Same door after our repair. We added a $20 peice of metal that could save lives and money…. Priceless!!


Bent tracks

repair photos
Bent vertical track. Better the track than the door..

Again we attempt to repair rather than replace.

photos of repairs
track repaired and manipulated back to its correct form. service call stuff nothing more.

Garage door, drums and torsion shafts

These components are the some of the most integral parts of your door. When they fail they can create other problems in the process. In any setting we never try to “fix” these drums, as over time we have learned that they will fail again. We see these issues in an install that was not done to its fullest. A little loose here and over tight there can create what you see below. The torsion shaft can be filed and made good again, the drum must be replaced. The drums come in pairs. like tires on a car you cant just replace one side. If we did replace one side the door cables would become loose in the open position causing the door to potentially jump the cable off the drum and fail to close or open. Drums are an extra charge. Follow the link to our pricing guide.

stripped garage drum
This is a drum from a door that fell into the opening. Inside you can see how it has stripped itself out.
stripped torsion shaft
The same drum spun on this shaft creating a nice gouge. this is from under or over-tightening the drum. if it is not just right, this happens.


Cable Repair

When the cable has jumped the drum, we find most of the time that we can just reset the cable and door and everything is fine thereafter. We do find that in some cases that there are frays or broken cables. We carry cable on the truck and will replace them.


Jumped cable
Jumped cable
Broken Cable
Broken Cable
Custom garage door cables
Custom built cables on site