Ribbed doors

Series 26 Ribbed

Series 26 Ribbed


Midland’s Series 26 residential Ribbed Steel garage door provides a time proven traditional ribbed design along with rugged and durable features.  Our roll-formed ribbed garage door provides superior strength and reliability for years to come.

With its attractive ribbed design it ensures an extremely strong, low maintenance, and robust garage door.  Our Series 26 Ribbed Steel garage door design has been around for many years and will continue to be a favorite among homeowners.

Commercial grade bottom seal (astragal) along with ultra quiet rollers and Midland’s smooth torsion spring system makes Midland the clear choice of all garage doors. 

 When you choose a Midland garage door you can be confident that you have chosen the best garage door that money can buy!

Additional Specifications:

  • Midland’s quality constructed 2” ribbed residential steel garage door.
  • 26 ga. rugged exterior steel.
  • Embossed pebble-grained texture.
  • Available as an insulated or non-insulated garage door.
  • Available with two window design option sizes.
  • Available in White and Brown.



»Color Design Options

Next to your entryway, your garage door makes the first impression of your home.  Great looks and great quality, now that’s real value!  Whether you are a builder, architect, or homeowner you will enhance the look of your home with a Midland garage door.

BrownBrown WhiteWhite

»Window Design Options

Midland Garage Door offers a variety of window design sizes for your new door.  These windows are sure to fit any design preference as well as home style.  Our window design sizes are designed with the same attention to detail we put into all of our products.

PlainPlain- 24×5- 24×12- sizes