Titan Lifts of Northern Alabama


Nothing is Stronger Than Titan Lifts!

Rocket City Garage Service, is Northern Alabama’s only Titan Lift sales and installation company. If you have been shopping around for any manufacturers of lifts, you have probably found out that they only sell your chosen products and refer you to another company that will install. We sell , we install! Simplicity at its best! Make one phone call to us and that’s it! And way down the road should you have any questions we are right there to help! We deal directly with the manufacturer not some third party.

High quality products for everyone
We believe that people should be able to get professional quality vehicle lifts at economical prices. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, Titan Lifts provides a superior product that fits your needs and won’t break the bank.

Safety First!
All of our products are designed with customer safety in mind and are produced in ISO 9001 factories with standards that meet and, in many cases, exceed the typical industry standards.

Live to Ride
Being automobile enthusiasts and motorcycle riders who are involved in the local collector and riding communities, we understand the kind of equipment people are looking for and always put the customer first whenever new products are designed.

Only the best
By surrounding ourselves with the best products and the best people, we offer customer service that can’t be beat. Our people are always ready and willing to assist you with any lift problems that might come your way.

Solid, Sturdy & Built to Last
All the Titan Lifts are built with high-grade material and are made to stand up to some serious work loads. When it comes to Titan you can be sure that there is Nothing Stronger.

Call us today and lets make your dreams a reality!